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March 28, 2013
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Miss Machine - Promophoto 01 by JimmyMisanthrope Miss Machine - Promophoto 01 by JimmyMisanthrope
Here’s Chelsea and Millie’s mother’s old band Miss Machine. Photo was taken out the back of the recording studio in which they recorded their debut E.P. “Miss Machine” back in the nineties. You can tell it’s the nineties on account of the ankh.
The band put out a number of albums during the course of their career (a couple of which are mentioned in passing below), and got pretty damned well-known in the process.

Tom [link] and I are working away at developing these characters at the moment. Here’s some stuff about Miss Machine and the Miss Machine E.P. taken from the big fat “Miss Machine discography” file that I wrote out some time ago, and have been incrementally tinkering with since.

Miss Machine personnel:
Clover Lunamarie Gish: Lead vocals, guitar, and programming. Clover also writes all of the band’s lyrics, plus designs and produces the band’s album artwork, and comes up with the majority of the visual concepts of the band.
Venin: Keyboards, programming, sequencing, backing vocals. Meena also serves as the band’s recording engineer and producer, later sharing co-production/co-engineering duties with Clover on “Drizzlegirls” and “Invidia”.
b(0)g: Bass, “the stoic, rock-solid lynchpin of reason that stopped the rest of us from disappearing up our own asses”.
Amit Venin: Drums, programming. Meena’s brother. Also serves as the band’s “resident gear wizard” during their early years, using his background as an electrician to maintain the band’s somewhat cheap and shoddy musical equipment up until they were financially stable enough to hire others to do so from “Lovers” [their third release, second album] onwards.

Miss Machine (E.P.):

The band’s debut release. Self funded, and recorded by Meena during the wee hours over a two-week period, in the recording studio that Meena is an intern in at the time.
Clover later went on to say in an interview that she “was hardly able to sleep at all during the recording of the E.P.
We were up all night, every night, and I had to put tinfoil over the windows of my bedroom to stop the sun coming in and destroying the few snippets of sleep I could manage to snatch. Little did I realise at the time that the ‘up all night every night’ was a trend that would continue for me throughout the course of this band’s life.”

Written and recorded when Clover and Meena were in their late teens and Amit and b(0)g were in their early twenties, living in poverty, working dead-end minimum-wage jobs and saving every spare cent they had to go towards the band. Not much of a thematic flow to these songs, but they contain a vague biomechanoid bent.
“The E.P. sounds like the result of someone attacking a hornet’s nest with a lawnmower” is how Clover later described it.


Clock of the Long Now
Hiding Inside the Tiniest Lies

More Miss Machine stuff to come.
Later on.
Quite nice.

What do you mean programming?
JimmyMisanthrope Apr 1, 2013   General Artist

Oh, programming pertains to sequencing, sampling, that sort of thing. [link](music)
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